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About Us

About Us

A wristwatch tells more than time, it speaks on your behalf.


Behind each watch is a story, each unique in its own way, a story that is one of one. We at Strap-up aim to be a small part of these stories and to create new ones for years to come.


The beauty of watches (beyond the obvious esthetics) is what they represent. From the outside they represent value, success, goals achieved, statue and impeccable taste and style. But from the inside, they represent hard work, dedication, passion, achievement and are personal time stamps for life time memories.


From telling time to symbolizing the value of time, watches remind us of what is really valuable.


We value peoples times and aim to create a secure and easy to use platform to connect all watch aficionados. Individuals and business owners now have a dedicated platform to buy, sell, trade, source and auction their watches. A platform that prides itself for being clear and transparent, offering services at set costs with 0 commissions and 0 hidden fees.